Site icon ISBUS 2022 | Pasadena, CA | Dec 8-11, 2022

Demo Days

Optional live demos for registered ISBUS participants will take place on Monday-Tuesday, December 12-13. Over the two days, each demo will be offered a total of 4 times, with a maximum attendance of 8 people per demo. The final demo will end on December 13 at 5:30pm. These numbers are subject to change after confirmation of interest. 

Please use the form below to confirm your participation and select your priority demos by MONDAY NOVEMBER 14th.

Rank the demos below 1-8 in terms of interest, (1 = most interested; 8 = least interested)

A. Nonlinear imaging of GV-expressing mammalian cells
Explanation of gas vesicle (GV) expression in mammalian cells. Nonlinear imaging of GV-expressing mammalian cells in in vitro phantoms. Comparison of nonlinear pulse sequences. Verification of GV expression under optical microscopy.

B. Imaging of gene expression and vasculature in the brain
Imaging of GV expression in a mouse model of glioblastoma, with simultaneous imaging of the vasculature.

C. Hemodynamic functional ultrasound
Imaging of sensory-evoked neural activity in mice using functional ultrasound.

D. High throughput ultrasound imaging of in vitro samples
Preparation and loading of standardized multiwell phantoms for 96+ well ultrasound imaging. Expression of GVs in bacteria. Robotic plate scanning and data analysis pipeline.

E. Acoustic biosensors
Explanation of GV-based acoustic biosensor design, construction and testing. In vitro demonstration of acoustic biosensors responding to external biochemical stimuli. 

F. MRI-guided focused ultrasound BBB opening
MRI-based planning of BBB opening procedure in mice. Opening of BBB with FUS and microbubbles. Confirmation of BBB opening by T1-weighted MRI. Exhibition of additional tools and devices for BBB opening.

G. In vitro focused ultrasound stimulation
Focused ultrasound stimulation of neurons in vitro observed with fluorescent calcium imaging. Explanation of setup, sample preparation and analysis.

H. In vivo focused ultrasound stimulation equipment
Exhibition of custom head-mounted focused ultrasound transducers and explanation of their use.

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