Overview Speakers

Shrek Chalasani, Salk Institute
Sonogenetics in neuroscience (overview)


Hong Chen, Washington University St. Louis
Getting biomolecules in and out of the brain (overview)


F. Stuart Foster, University of Toronto
Visualizing the future of biomolecular and cellular ultrasound (discussion)


David Maresca, TU Delft
From biomolecules to images (overview)


HHMI Invests $300 Million in 33 New Investigators | HHMI

Mikhail G. Shapiro, Caltech and HHMI
Talking to cells: the emerging field of biomolecular ultrasound (overview)


Yingxiao Peter Wang, University of California San Diego
Sonogenetics in immunology (overview)


Invited Speakers

Kathy Ferrara, Stanford University
Toward clinical translation of biomolecular ultrasound and sonogenetics (discussion)


Elisa Konofagou, Columbia University
Using ultrasound to treat molecular disease


Tanter Mickael (@TanterM) / Twitter

Mickael Tanter, Physics for Medicine Paris, INSERM, ESPCI
Imaging faster and smaller biological phenomena